Workshops and Firewalks

This page still under construction!  But its Firewalk season right now so contact us to get on the list for our next event!

Firewalking has been around as long as recorded times.  Tribes from native lands worldwide have celebrated with fire, danced around it, and walked its hot embers.  People have walked for reasons ranging from spiritual to healing, from religious to ceremonial, and countless reasons in between.


As certified firewalk instructors from the Sundoor program (the original firewalking school run by the “mother of modern day firewalking” Peggy Dylan) Marybeth Wiefels and Esther Pecora have received the best of training  available.  Practicing with the respect of the earth and the native ways, our walks pay homage to our ancestors and reverence to each individuals personal journey.


No one will ever be pressured into walking at one of our events.  We strongly believe that the positive energy and  loving environment is inspirational in and of itself.  Each walk is preceded by a presentation on our minds ability to perceive events differently.  We explore the thoughts that hold us back from accomplishing our dreams, and challenge the beliefs that limit our successes. 



When you’ve walked across a bed of glowing hot embers, without injury or fear, you have no choice but to ask yourself, “what else have I believed to be impossible or beyond my reach?” 

Because you CAN!



Online Registration only $40

$50 due at the gate.

April 27,2013