Frequently asked questions and their answers!

Q.           Do we ride the horses?

In the Empowerment Retreats you will not ride the horses.  You will work with and around them extensively though!  This program incorporates the horses you play with as team members, partners, and mentors.  “Training” from the ground or in the saddle would not be appropriate here.


In the Horse Lover’s retreats you will be riding them as well as learning to connect with them on the ground.   The emphasis will be on communication and love, partnership and trust.

Q. Can I bring my dog?


                 Dogs are accepted on a case by case basis.  Be sure to call and discuss your              personal situation so we can decide together what is the safest path for both your              best friend and our free-roaming four-legged family.


Q. I’ve never been around horses, am afraid of horses, and/or its been forever …….


           The Empowerment Retreat would be your best choice.  Experience is not necessary at all, as              you will work with our gentle and well-educated ranch horses.  They will be happy to show              you the ropes!

Q. Firewalking sounds crazy!  Do I have to?


                 You will NEVER feel pressured into doing anything you are not prepared for here.  The              choice is yours to make and you will feel supported in whatever you decide.

Q. What is Experiential Learning?


             Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience, i.e.,            "learning from experience".[1] Wikipedia        Click here for more info.


           At Cowgirl Up Ranch, we focus on experiential learning concepts to explore personal            growth, communication,  goals, boundaries, self-limiting patterns, maladaptive            thinking, and transpersonal education.