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† Motivation Mondays

Start your week out with a calm and focused mind.† This is meditation for the non-yogi as well!† If you feel like you canít gain focus, or that your mind just wont stop jumping, Marybeth's method will help you dial in your thoughts and create a space for inspiration.†


Marybeth describes her meditation style as this:†

I have monkey mind.† The more I try to stop and meditate, the more my mind seems to spin with thoughts and ideas.† I worked hard at trying to Ďcontrolí the onslaught of thoughts jabbering away in my head as I tried to find my space in meditation.† Guided programs helped, because I could pay attention to something, but I always felt like I was mediocre at meditation at best.† But then I realized that some of my best inspirations came to me at this time.† The jumbled thoughts floating through my head would part and one shiny light of inspiration would appear! I decided that this was a good thing.† Modern meditation is not sitting cross-legged for hours at a time, deep in a state of bliss.† Itís a recognized tool to help you relax, gain focus, and reflect. It is whatever works for you.†



Using Meditation in Motivation Mondays

†Special Meet-Up Group!† Motivation Mondays!

Wouldn't it be nice to not dread Monday? Begin each week by tapping into your inspiration and finding the support and tools to reach your weekend feeling accomplished and satisfied and looking forward to the next Monday. In this current atmosphere where "I'm busy" has replaced the traditional answer to "How are you?" we are creating stress and uneasiness in our lives unnecessarily. Our bodies respond to this sense of stress from a primitive place designed to save us from a sabre-tooth tiger, not the rush of getting ready for work, lunches made, kids to school, appointments etc. The feeling of never being finished, having no time for oneself, and only seeing the next thing on your to-do list is not healthy for your body, mind, relationships, and spirit. This meet-up is designed to help you find the tools to enjoy your life as its happening. Convenient time and location allows you to take this first step towards inspiration, satisfaction, and harmony in your life.††† Sign up now!† Class begins Feb 11th