Has there been a major life change? Maybe you sense a dissatisfaction with your life path?  Perhaps you just need to get away and visit a new perspective?  Has fear or anxiety crept into your life?

Feeling misunderstood? Need to re-energize?

If you have struggled with any of the above, or just need to feel “alive” again, you will cherish time spent at this event!



· Discover your inner power!

· Rediscover your intuitive self.

· Find your inspiration.

· Learn to TRUST yourself!

· Learn to harness your positive energy.

· Learn to set intentions and follow your heart.

· Discover the power that is within you.

· Develop your sense of self

· Define your path in life

· Hone your leadership skills

· No experience with horses necessary.


A retreat at Cowgirl Up Ranch is fun and full of inspiration.  Designed  primarily to enhance your self awareness and provide you solid  insights and techniques to take  home, we combine the energy of spiritual approaches with the practicality of living in the real world.  To accomplish this, we offer exciting challenges to stretch your wings that involve practical skills designed to develop leadership, set boundaries, and communicate with clarity, combined with energy work  and challenges that will topple self-limiting beliefs, empower you to believe in your abilities and recognize your potential.    

Why will horses add to your experience?

Horses are amazing, sensitive animals, aware of the slightest nuances.  Their survival has depended on quick and accurate judgments of their surroundings and the beings in it.   Where people are able to disguise their feelings, horses behave the way they feel.  This valuable insight allows you to really identify the energy you are putting out there. Horses can hear what you’re not saying and will react authentically to what they are perceiving.   During your experience here, horses will assist you in presenting your authentic self to the world around you.  You will learn how your personal energy affects those around you and learn how to channel your energy positively.  Horses also assist in helping you recognize boundaries, and project confidence in a healthy way.  If you have struggled with saying “yes” when you wished you’d said “no” or had your confidence misunderstood as arrogance, or wished you could simply connect more easily with people, equine assisted learning offers insights beyond your everyday experience.

Women’s Empowerment Retreats
Text Box: Super convenient payment plans!
We offer three convenient payment plans to support you in your journey.  Depending on your program, you can make payments in 3-4 installments after your deposit.  We also have a deferred payment plan if you elect to do more than one retreat.  Your second retreat in the same season can be made in installments during the months of November through February!