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About your coach facilitator,

 Marybeth Wiefels


Marybeth has a lifetime of experience working with people and animals.  An authentic horse whisperer, she has helped hundreds of people and horses learn to communicate and connect on a deep level of partnership and respect.  Over the years, Marybeth began to work more and more with returning riders, usually women in the 40-65 year old range.  Fearless in their youthful exploits,  these women now found barriers to their confidence.  As Marybeth developed her skills in helping people work through their obstacles, it became apparent that it was never really about the horse.  Training sessions developed into explorations of what was really holding them back.  Horses act as mirrors,  and they are often able to articulate what their handlers can not.  


So began the trek into Equine Facilitated Learning,  a form of life coaching that integrates the intuitive nature of the  horse’s response to energy with people looking for answers and clarification in their own lives.  Horses have long been a part of  physical therapy,  and become an accepted part of traditional therapy for children with emotional or learning handicaps. Engaging horses to assist people with finding their authentic selves and bestowing a sense of empowerment and clarity with the gentle guidance of these magnificent animals is an amazing process, and an experience you will not forget.


Recognizing the connection between energy and horses inspired Marybeth to follow more paths to connect ones personal energy (chi) to self-empowerment.

That trail led to the amazing work of Peggy Dylan, a recognized premiere authority in developing human potential and the originator of the modern day firewalking movement.  Marybeth has studied with Peggy and been certified by her as an empowerment coach and firewalk instructor.  This beautiful opportunity allows us to now include even more transformational experiences, including firewalking, to our programs.


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